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Shanghai became the national port bonded area's largest bonded cold chain cold storage logistics base

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Shanghai became the national port bonded area's largest bonded cold chain cold storage logistics base

Refrigeration there, learn from Shanghai bonded area management committee, cold chain logistics industry into a period of accelerated development in the area, waigaoqiao central refrigeration base construction started construction issue is smoothly, combined cold storage quantity nearly 200000 tons of constant pu bonded port logistics phase ii, phase ii of yi both set hair, teda Ming fung and other projects have been started, and is currently in preparation of formalities, strive to start construction this year. By 2015, Shanghai free trade zone will achieve 320000 tons of cold storage refrigeration capacity, year 1.05 million tons of cargo operation, become the largest bonded cold chain cold storage in the national port logistics base.

In the first half of this year, as the openness of the highest, most complete function of policy, and navigation links the dayaowan bonded harbor area, the most closely to overcome the unfavorable international economic situation and many disadvantage factors, continue to rely on the port business, refrigeration and other professional logistics advantage into full play, in the whole operation stability. Especially cold chain logistics industry, as a result of the bonded port area self-styled closed operation, namely in places such as come to busan identified on the basis of investigation of "advancing cold storage and cold storage bonded warehousing, business development, the construction of port bonded cold-chain logistics center" development train of thought, that yi, and constant pu, roebuck island, teda has already built and under construction projects.

In order to promote the development of cold chain logistics industry, the bonded area management committee and customs, inspection and quarantine departments to coordinate for many times, the shore straight for gradually, is reported to the manifest, refrigerated transfer business process, such as prompting dalian port to move plant quarantine center set up in yi both set hair, further enhance the working efficiency. As refrigerated goods imported in the past two years, yi are set and constant pu project implementation are at full capacity. According to statistics, at present dalian bonded port area has been formed cold storage refrigeration capacity of 85000 tons, roebuck island state fisheries, yi were set to send second phase and the phase ii of the constant pu, teda, such as total project planning capacity of 380000 tons, is expected to two years to build the refrigerating capacity of 235000 tons of frozen.

In the first half of this year, the dayaowan bonded harbor area realized total of 1.4 million teu container throughput, up 36.7% from a year earlier. Operating the ship 759 ships, up 4.55% from a year earlier. To complete the port import and export gross $11.5 billion, flat compared with last year. Realized total bonded supervision value $3.336 billion, up 4.7% from a year earlier. Bonded logistics department officials told reporters that the second half of this year, the bonded port area in addition to continue to maintain the cold chain logistics industry development and the construction of the new project, will strengthen the bonded harbor area, ports and supporting service system construction and the first try, around international transit, import distribution and other key business areas, strive to be offshore finance, bonded futures delivery, that deal in imported food distribution in areas such as policy innovation and breakthrough in functionality.