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Russias hvac refrigeration exhibition in 2014

2014/7/14      点击:

Russia, hvac, refrigeration, air conditioning, bath and swimming pool equipment exhibition

Show time: on February 5, 2014 to February 8

Crocus exhibition center exhibition location: Moscow

Aqua - therm every year, has successfully held the 16th, is that Russia and the commonwealth of independent states (cis) region heating, air conditioning and the field one of the largest and strongest professional exhibitions. The aqua - therm Moscow + Pool Salon has become in Russia and cis area hvac, sanitary ware, ventilation and air conditioning, swimming Pool, sauna, massage Pool water areas such as professionals, buyers and producers and sellers of the biggest gathering place. As Aqua therm - Russia, Ukraine, the Czech republic, kazakhstan and a series of the development of the world expo, the Aqua - therm brand influence should not be underestimated.

The previous data: the exhibition exhibition area of 25000 square meters, 2012 came from Australia, China, Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey 510 exhibitors to participate in 44 countries and regions, including Baxi, Danfoss, Ferroli, Grundfos, Henco, Wilo, Zehnder, Uponor, TAIFU, MEDIA, HAIER, LEO, SHIMGE industry representatives, etc. The overall international exhibitors exhibitors have to exceed 50%, up to 258, 23610 people, more than 2011 increased by 27.6%.

Second, the scope of exhibits

Heating products, heating equipment, hot water system, air supply device, heat exchanger, fireplace, boiler equipment, insulation materials, fuel, fuel processing equipment, pumps, pipe fittings, valves, measuring products, control and regulation system, pipeline, etc.

Air conditioning and ventilation: central air conditioner and household air conditioning machine and accessories, spare parts, air clean equipment, refrigeration and dehumidification equipment, measuring and recording equipment, air air purifier, alarm, deodorization equipment, ventilation equipment, fans, smoke detector, temperature control valve, switch, vacuum pump, motor, fittings, pipe fittings, fasteners, etc.

Refrigeration classes: refrigerants, detergents, condenser, evaporator, ice machine, cooler, cabinets and accessories, etc.

Bath and pool products, sanitary ware, bathroom equipment, water equipment and accessories, public and private swimming pools, SPAS, sauna equipment, etc.

Environmental protection and water treatment products: water purification machine, filter, drinking fountains, water and wastewater treatment technology and equipment, etc.