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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station using deep ground source heat pump

2014/7/14      点击:
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station using deep ground source heat pump refrigeration energy saving effect is remarkable

Refrigeration Express News: Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is the first large-scale use of ground source heat pump deep cooling station. Heat pump central air conditioning system cooling principle is based on electricity as a power source, with water as the medium for heat exchange, Hongqiao Station 7 heat pump refrigeration unit, three units are ground source heat pump cooling mechanism, that is, half the cooling capacity come from underground meters deep soil. Compared built in the 1980s the Shanghai Railway Station, using lithium bromide refrigeration units, relying on boilers burning natural gas as the primary power source, Hongqiao Station ground source heat pump chillers are more energy saving.

And the other four cooling towers pump refrigeration units compared ground source heat pump chiller with less power, which power is 800 kilowatts, more than 30% energy saving than the former. According to related statistics, Hongqiao Station July passenger floor area of the unit energy consumption of only 2 kg of standard coal / square meter, energy consumption per passenger is 0.126 kg of standard coal / square meter, were only about half of the Shanghai Railway Station.

Hongqiao Station waiting room with a single station hall, open waiting room, waiting room total area of 66,000 square meters, the highest storey close to 30 meters, three-dimensional spatial volume reached 1.8 million m3. Moreover, extensive use of natural light station, waiting hall and around the roof are made of transparent material, the sun can be directly injected into the waiting hall, potentially also increase the difficulty of cooling. Relying on the traditional central air conditioning and refrigeration equipment cooling, energy consumption will be enormous.

Hongqiao station equipment department head Zhang industry, in order to ensure a pleasant waiting room about 26 ℃ temperature, but also to minimize the energy consumption, the Hongqiao station uses a ground source heat pump refrigeration unit. Hongqiao Station depth of 100 meters underground with nearly 2000 small pipes, central air conditioning system refrigerant heat pipe is passed through these fine one hundred meters underground, and deep soil temperature lower heat exchange, so that the amount of soil in the cold be used as a ground source heat pump refrigeration and heat into the ground were saved, until the need for heating in winter when you can recycle. Zhang Jiye said the local soil temperature is too high, ground source heat pump will automatically turn the alarm device to prevent excessive heat poured into the ground, destroy the soil environment, which is the most green refrigeration means.