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Alibaba group's day cat through "E speed treasure fresh life" layout refrigeration equipment and refrigeration industry chain home delivery

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Alibaba group's day cat through "E speed treasure fresh life" layout refrigeration equipment and refrigeration industry chain home delivery

Refrigeration there: day cat on July 2 officially try fresh water distribution. Immediately, ali logistics group with more than Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu and other cold chain logistics company and China Eastern airlines, for fresh fruit class to provide supporting services. And the day the cat to the region of the third party cold chain logistics invitation, hope them into a national chain network, and have a fresh name is "E speed treasure fresh life". With the help of the net, the day the cat and the cold chain logistics partner, deduced a together referred to as the "battle" north latitude, 108 tons of north American cherries from the tree moved to another computer people the tip of the tongue.

Day by cat "E speed treasure fresh life" layout cold-chain home delivery, geometric prospects? It is by how specific operation, solve the cold-chain transport "the last kilometer" problem? The personage inside course of study to avoid there is the question.

"Our goal is to put the regional cold chain service products into a net, can become a service of the public service for all businesses." Logistics department general manager Gong Tao ali said publicly that subsequently, day cat and have been exploring cold-chain home delivery express channel logistics co., LTD., Beijing reached cooperation, together complete the cold chain of cherries in Beijing home delivery.

And express channel is the Internet a point of Beijing, in Shanghai and other cities, there are a lot like express channel, cold-chain logistics providers are day cat cold chain service network of a network. From the main air cold chain logistics to B2B cold-chain transport between cities, by the ground again with complete "the last kilometer" cold chain home delivery, early days cat cold chain network skeleton.

, according to fresh day cat home delivery project director on the day the cat led 26 cities in the cold chain logistics business, as long as the deep understanding of electricity demand, understand the concept of cold chain home delivery, have a platform for cooperation consciousness, cooperation spirit and innovation spirit, can participate in the "battle" north latitude.

, head of the cold chain home delivery should have seven steps to realize: city of cold chain home delivery form gradually mature, cold chain home delivery, warehouse with integration, cold storage function expansion, cold storage function diversity, and cold storage as fresh outlet, at the same time also become popular science base for food safety. Finally, the customers to purchase via mobile end realize visualization of the distance.

Among them, the integration of warehouse distribution, the provinces will be cities access to cold storage, businesses and farms can be ready to cold storage, each area around the sales order, through the information system directly transfer to warehouse, through the warehouse model, main line to reduce costs, reduce line losses. Inter-city community home delivery site will have basic refrigeration function, in order to solve the problem of timely delivery, at the same time provide the staging and the service.

In addition, the refrigerator in addition to basic refrigeration freezing function, not only to solve the meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, flowers, cakes and other products cold chain needs, will also have sales function, providing visual service for consumers.